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The most common car faults

No car is reliable. Although car manufacturers often argue about the reliability of their product, every rational owner of a vehicle is aware that sooner or later he will have to deal with a minor or serious defect. It is important to be able to diagnose the problem quickly and know how to deal with it. Below is a list of the five most common car breakdowns.

1. Failure of the brakes

The first of the most common car breakdowns is brake failure. This is a serious threat to the driver and passengers. Damaged or corroded brake lines are often the cause of brake failure. Therefore, it is extremely important to monitor the brake fluid level. When there is not enough fluid, it could be a sign of a leak. Brake failure can also be the result of wear on the brake pads. This fault is especially dangerous when the vehicle encounters a large hole in the road. Then the brake pads may even come off the calipers! Another cause of failure is boiling brake fluid. The brake fluid usually boils after prolonged braking - for example, when the driver is driving downhill for an extended period of time. In such situations, it is worth relieving the brake system and spoiling the engine. Engine braking is the process of downshifting and making sure that the engine is running at high speed. This operation has two advantages - brake pad wear is reduced and fuel consumption is zero. Remember that brake failures are extremely dangerous. When we are not able to deal with them ourselves, you should go to the car service as soon as possible.

2. Failure of the electrical system

The second fault that often happens to drivers on the road is failure of the electrical installation. There are many reasons for this type of failure. These can be, for example, a short circuit in the installation, a blown fuse, discharge of an overcharged battery, a factory defect - which, contrary to appearances, is not uncommon. Caring for the battery eliminates electrical system failures. However, some batteries need to be replaced after a short time. It happens that a newly replaced battery - to the surprise of the vehicle owner - only lasts three or four years. Of course, there are also electrical system failures unrelated to battery operation, but they are quite difficult to predict. Such failures can be caused by the poor condition of the integrated circuits, the occurrence of short circuits in the tangle of wires under the dashboard, and several other factors. Electrical system failures are generally not as dangerous as brake failures. It does not change the fact that the lack of the ability to diagnose or deal with them should be a reason for visiting a car mechanic.

3. Engine failure 

The third common car breakdown is engine failure. Here - as in the above cases - there can be many reasons. Common are: scuffing of the timing belt, cracked timing belt and turbine failure. There is one way that minimizes the risk of broadly defined engine failures. It takes care of the engine oil, and more precisely its regular replacement and checking its correct level. Caring for your engine oil is extremely important when your engine is modern and turbocharged. In addition, engine failures are surprisingly more common in innovative vehicles. Owners of this type of vehicle often face turbine failures. The appearance of such a defect is usually preceded by a noticeable decrease in engine power, greater smoke in the exhaust gases and louder operation of the turbine. If there are also visible oil leaks from the vicinity of the turbine and drops in the oil level.

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4. Failure of the clutch

The fourth malfunction that often happens to vehicle users is clutch failure . A car is more prone to clutch failure the more often it is used in the so-called urban conditions. Theoretically, the clutch should work after tens of thousands of kilometers. In practice, however, activities such as frequent starting, performing maneuvers on the half-clutch, climbing up, dynamically moving from one light to another can reduce the efficiency of the clutch by up to half. Clutch failure is dangerous. If the driver only notices that something is wrong with the clutch, he should call for help immediately (more below) or go to the nearest car repair shop.

5. A flat or damaged tire

The fifth failure, probably the most common failure of drivers while traveling by car, is a flat or damaged tire. The tire cannot be secured against punctures. It does not change the fact that you should be prepared for such an eventuality. This preparation mainly consists in monitoring the condition of the spare wheel and the pressure level in this wheel. Additionally, the permanent equipment of the car should include a jack and a wheel wrench. Tire inflation repair kits are a more modern solution that is becoming more and more popular among drivers. 


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