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 Our purchase of Legionowo cars

Purchase of used cars Legionowo deals with the purchase of vehicles manufactured until 2018, regardless of their brand and their technical condition - they may have accidents and damage. We also run scrapping cars in Legionowo services road assistance in Legionowo and the topic auto towing Warsaw. We also have a branch auto cancellation in Starachowice so if you are from outside Warsaw, we will get to your city. If you decide to work with us, you can be sure that you will get rid of the unwanted car in a very short time and you will receive money just as quickly for the purchase and sale transaction.

Not only buying cars, but also roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is another branch of our company's activity. If you are unpleasant on the road and you need immediate assistance, you can contact us. We have car towers that will help you in the form of towing or emergency assistance of a mechanic. So you can contact us without hesitation and report the defect of the car. We offer our company roadside assistance in Warsaw.

Auto buying offers:

purchase of post-accident cars,
purchase of damaged cars,
purchase of cars requiring improvement of the technical condition or major repair works;
purchase of cars from England (with the steering wheel on the right side);
purchase of entire car fleets from companies.

Our existing customers appreciate, above all, the timeliness and very quick time of providing assistance in getting rid of the problem of an unnecessary or broken car. The owner of the vehicle gets rid of the trouble, and the company gains a vehicle that, after undergoing the required repairs, can be resold to other interested customers.

What distinguishes purchase of cars from the Legionowo district primarily:

1. guarantee of full customer satisfaction from a successful transaction;

2. quick removal of the problem of an unnecessary car by the customer;

3. attractive amounts that destroy the myth of the unfair second-hand car trading market;

4. Express checkout time for purchase and sale transactions, including only one meeting with the customer;

5. adjusting the transaction date to your needs and expectations;

6. free travel to the customer or a place agreed by him in order to check the condition of the vehicle and make the transaction;

7. cash transaction on the spot, providing the customer with a full sense of security;

8. avoiding all unnecessary formalities related to the purchase and sale of the vehicle;

Our company, when cooperating with the client, makes every effort to ensure that he is fully satisfied and that he can use our services again. Customers who have used the services so far purchase of used cars Legionowo, they recommend us primarily for the quality of services and reliability in service.

Car buying Legionowo reduces the entire purchase / sale transaction to just one meeting with the client, thus respecting his time. He is additionally relieved of all formalities, such as preparation of the contract or car valuation. A representative of our company meets the client at the appointed place and time, and after the valuation on the spot, an agreement is drawn up on the basis of which the client receives the money. There is no need for the customer to commute to the company's headquarters in Wołomin, because we have tow trucks thanks to which we can transport all vehicles, even those after an accident or without road license.

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