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Our car purchase Warsaw Wilanów

Purchase of used cars Warszawa Wilanów deals with the purchase of cars,  car scrapping Warszawa Wilanów services Warsaw Wilanów roadside assistance and tantic towing cars from Sochaczew. We also have a branch auto cancellation in Sochaczew so if you are from outside of warsaw, i will also get to you. We are interested in cars regardless of their brand or technical condition, manufactured at any time. Each customer who decides to cooperate with the company can be sure that he will get rid of an unnecessary vehicle in a very short time and will receive cash for the purchase and sale transaction.

Not only buying cars, but also roadside assistance

Our company also provides roadside assistance services. So when you have the trouble of getting stuck on the road and you need immediate help, you can contact us. We have car towers that will help you in the form of towing or emergency assistance of a mechanic. So you can contact us without hesitation and report the defect of the car. We offer our company roadside assistance in Warsaw:

Auto buying offers:

  • buying cars after a collision,
  • purchase of damaged cars,
  • purchase of cars requiring minor repairs or major renovation works;
  • purchase of cars from England (with the steering wheel on the right side);
  • purchase of fleets from companies.

Customers cooperating with the company so far appreciate the timeliness and very quick time of providing help in getting rid of the problem of an unused or broken vehicle. The car owner gets rid of the problem, and the company gains a vehicle that, after making the required repairs, can be sold to other interested customers.


What distinguishes the purchase of cars from the Wilanów district of Warsaw is primarily:

1. guarantee of full customer satisfaction with the transaction;

2. express removal by the customer of the problem of an unnecessary car;

3. attractive prices that destroy the myth of the unfair used car market;

4. quick execution of the purchase and sale transaction, closed in one meeting with the client;

5. adjusting the date of the transaction to the needs and expectations of the client;

6. free travel to the customer or the place designated by him, where the vehicle is sold, for the purpose of inspection and transaction;

7. cash transaction, providing the customer with maximum sense of security;

8. settlement of all formalities related to the purchase and sale of the vehicle;
availability around the clock, seven days a week all year round;
many years of experience in the vehicle trading industry.

When cooperating with clients, the company makes every effort to ensure that they feel fully satisfied and use its services again in the future. Those who have used the services so far purchase of used cars Warszawa Wilanówon the occasion of the need to sell another vehicle, they also decided to contact the company, feeling that they were cooperating with a professional. The group of regular customers is built on the basis of recommendations and orders, which guarantees the quality of services provided and reliability in service.

Auto buying reduces the entire purchase-sale transaction to just one meeting with the customer, respecting his time. He is also relieved of all formalities, such as drawing up a contract or car valuation. The company representative meets with the seller of the vehicle at a specified time and after the valuation on site, an agreement is concluded on the basis of which the customer receives cash. There is no need for the customer to travel to the company's headquarters in Warsaw's Wilanów, because purchase of cars, has tow trucks, enabling the transport of damaged cars or the time for obligatory annual technical inspection has expired.