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Our car purchase Płońsk

If you are looking for a trustworthy car dealership or you want to quickly sell your car and save on looking for a buyer on your own - choose purchase of used cars in Płońsk. We also run scrapping of cars Płońsk services car towage in Płońsk and roadside assistance in Płońsk. We have a branch scrapping cars in Płońsk so if you are from outside of Warsaw, we will also get to you. Thanks to this, you will not have to deal with cleaning and repairing your old vehicle. On-site valuations will be made by reliable and qualified specialists. With mutual acceptance of satisfactory conditions, the contract is signed immediately. Customers receive money from the transaction immediately or within a few hours.


Our car purchase in Płońsk has many years of practice and extensive experience. Every day we work with a wide group of trusted clients. We know how valuable time is, which is why all transactions are made quickly and without unnecessary formalities. Our highly qualified employees inspect and evaluate cars efficiently and fairly. We are flexible, we can adjust the place of meeting with the client in a convenient place and time (also in the evening and at the weekend). We are happy to cooperate with both individual clients and large enterprises. We buy fully operational and damaged cars, single cars, as well as entire fleets of vehicles.

Fast sale

Very often, selling a car on your own is associated with the need to spend a lot of time. In addition, such a vehicle requires financial outlays, e.g. in the form of an insurance fee or fuel needed to drive with a new buyer.
In such a situation, auto purchase płońsk is the perfect solution. Our extensive experience allows for an efficient and reliable vehicle valuation. Our mobile specialists are able to reach the customer and carry out the necessary formalities on the spot and pick up the vehicle.

Cash you don't have to wait for

Customers who work with us are very pleased with the time saved thanks to quick sales and express access to cash (on the spot or up to a few hours). Our clients do not have to prepare the vehicle for sale in any way (all repairs, cleaning). We also invite all those who count on a quick injection of cash and have damaged or collision cars for sale.

We buy various cars

Our car purchase Płońsk deals with the purchase of various types of cars. We are interested in cars that are new, used, roadworthy or have had an accident. We undertake all necessary repairs, thus relieving the current owner. We work individually as well as with large business entities.

Safe and express transaction with a minimum of formalities

Thanks to over 15 years of experience in the market, we have gained a wide group of clients. We try to stay up to date with the constant changes on the market, which is why we hire more and more new employees to be able to meet your expectations. All transactions made with us are safe and secure. We have all the necessary documents and forms, thanks to which we carry out all formalities on the spot, in a quick and effective manner.


Purchase of cars płońsk is a company with over 15 years of experience, specialized knowledge and a well-earned reputation on the car buying market. We are distinguished by an individual approach and professional service. Our specialists carry out an honest, efficient and reliable review and real valuation of the vehicle. We always try to offer attractive conditions, satisfactory for both parties. We are happy to cooperate with individual clients and large enterprises. We buy single cars as well as entire fleets of vehicles.

Purchase of cars Płońsk this is a noteworthy, correct solution. We have been trusted by a lot of customers, trust us too.

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